Barcelona swept the Paris World War

Barcelona 6-1 swept the Paris World War II, the home team won two penalties, which makes the PSG greatly dissatisfied, the French giants chairman Nasser on the bombardment of the injustice. “Scoring” inventory of the Champions League canceled the second phase of the group since the 2003-04 season, the team in the Champions League stadium was the situation, Barcelona is the most punished team, ranked second and third Respectively, Bayern and Real Madrid.

According to statistics, since the beginning of the 2003-04 season, Barcelona won a total of 31 penalties, is the largest number of all European teams, the success of the 23 into, with eight penalty penalties lost.

Such a data shows that Barcelona may benefit from the referee’s penalty, but do not forget, La Liga giants have been pursuing the tiki-taka football style, the ground is often very smooth, the other easy to send a penalty, while in the On the other hand, Barcelona in the past 13 years 4 times won the Champions League, played the game more times, the natural penalty may be more.

Get the second penalty is Bayern Munich, the Bundesliga giants received a total of 28 penalties, which scored 21 goals, lost seven goals. Bayern last time in the Champions League aspirations in the 2012-13 season, when they beat Dortmund in the finals. Won the third of the penalty is Real Madrid, since the 2003-04 season, Real Madrid 26 times in the Champions League penalty, scored one of the 18. Real Madrid won the Champions League twice in the past three years, but they received fewer than five fewer than Barcelona.

During the same period, Arsenal scored 24 penalties, scored one of the 18, ranked fifth is another Premier League giants Chelsea, won 18 penalties, which scored 14 of them, Chelsea last time Won the Champions League championship in 2012. Porto is the 2004 Champions League winner, the team in the same period won 16 penalties, which scored 12 of them. Manchester United received the number of penalty is 14, which scored 10. Manchester City scored 12 penalties and scored 10 of them. The CSKA Moscow team scored 13 penalties at the same time and scored nine of them.

Serie A two giants Juventus and AC Milan in the same period won 11 penalty, Juventus scored 10 of them, the Rossoneri took nine.

The Miami Heat can go to chase big free players

According to “Miami Sentinel” reported that the Miami Heat headed head Hassen – Whiteside said he will help the Heat in the summer to recruit free agents. In addition, he hopes to increase outside attack next season.

Last summer, the white side was an important free agent for the Heat, and finally signed a four-year $ 98 million top salary contract. Today, as the cornerstone of the Heat, white side in the summer of the free agent market has a different goal.

“I can watch the video and do some job of recruiting free players, including big free players, and I can focus on next season,” he said.

This summer, if the Miami Heat cut off Chris Bosh, they could make $ 38 million in salary space.

With so much salary space, the Miami Heat can go to chase big free players, such as: Gordon – Hayward, Paul – Millsap or Blake – Griffin. Or, the Miami Heat can keep their own free agent, such as: Dion – Wits and James – Johnson.
According to the white side, he and Wei Te Si and Johnson are in contact, and believe that they will stay in the Heat.

“I have not even thought that they would leave,” said the white side. “I think they will stay here next year.”

This season, made 41 wins and 41 losses of the Heat regrettable missed the playoffs, and white side that if they play into the playoffs, they will go very far.

In addition, the white side does not think the Miami Heat  must play a super team in order to have title strength.

“Honestly, I think we have a chance next year,” said the white side. “You do not know how players like Dion or the Golan (Dragic) can behave as they can become super players. Need to get other players, maybe now is enough. ”

White side has long been a pair of machines, but also one of the best center in the league. But he wants to get more “chance to push the ball”, and even cast one or two three-pointers.

“Although I do not want to be a perimeter player, but I can vote for three points,” he said.

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A large part of the video game world

NHL is still my favorite sport game, and I’m still very fun to play most of the patterns, including EASHL. (I once again learned that in my opponents Tyler Seguin and Johnny Gaudreau came first in my first attempt, HUT was not mine, my first center was Andrew Desjardins . C’mon guys.) But A large part of the video game world is changing to a competitive online model, allowing publishers to sell DLC, NHL completely in the car. I just hope it does not feel that this is the expense of the rest of the game.

The NHL franchise model is not completely terrible, but lacks the personality and detail of some other large sports events. New features such as unique owners, relocations and promotions at night, moving the needle not too much. Rating and trade value system is still meaningless when it may be legal to change the rules of the game. Also, do not let me start in Be A Pro, compared with the NBA’s ridiculous powerful my players, it might be FIFA’s new story mode. There is not enough practice to make these single game modes feel special.

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The imperfections in the Rocket League

Although the “Rocket League” in the vehicle is very flexible, but the ball must be hit up to hit the actual goal, unfortunately the car and the ball’s center of gravity is different, so often the ball has been landing but the car has not hit the target, Psyonix must make your own adjustments, one frame to check the problem. “It seems that every time we find a problem, we need to add a line of code to the interactive logic, with the accumulation of time, these simple three lines of function into a lot of fragmented code, we even in the replay game screen We can not find a specific problem because we can not find a specific problem.We found that the interaction logic to add more complication will only lead to more unpredictable results, and ultimately we decided to remove all the changes, and then start again. Coherence is only a matter of minor modifications to the original SARPBC algorithm. ”

In addition, by allowing SARPBC veteran players to participate in IC packaging and testing, Psyonix through the player feedback found more imperfections in the “Rocket League” (View More Rocket League Trading at ) before the release of careful testing, research and development results at least very good, and ornamental is also good, Although it did not take into account the gaming side of the things, but Psyonix later seems to be very consistent with the tide of the trend: to improve the watch experience and increase the tournament support, fix the bug and the game to more areas. Cone said that the rest of the work is basically to rely on the community, and this is the practice and SARPBC practice, the players of the recommendations and feedback can make the game last longer.

The NBA 2K17′s record breakthrough

Money is important and acts as a basketball and crime simulator. Needless to say, one of the world’s largest gaming companies is like that. According to reports, the second quarter of 2017 fiscal year, Take-Two interaction generated $ 420.2 million in revenue, an increase of 21%. As the Grand Theft Auto and NBA Publishers earn 39 cents per share in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards (GAAP). For each player, it is worth buying NBA 2K17 MT PC.

Take-Two Interactive Revenue: Thanks to the NBA 2K17 and GTA V

For non-GAAP earnings, it brings 45 cents per share, 16 cents higher than Wall Street forecasts. This is a great victory for Take-Two, which shows the continued strength of its core franchise.

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said in a statement: “Take-Two’s business continues to outperform the market in the second quarter, enabling us to achieve strong net income and expected growth.” Our outstanding results The NBA 2K17′s record breakthrough, continued strong demand for Grand Theft Auto V, as well as increased recurrent consumer spending, including the Grand Theft Auto on-line growth.

NBA 2K17 is one of the best-selling annual franchises. In the critics and fans are highly praised, which helps to build a faithful audience, year after year to return, and keep the top ten best-selling game in the United States, a few months.

At the same time, GTA V launched the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2013. It has been the top ten best-selling game in the United States since then. It may be the same in 2016. But in addition to GTA V’s complete game sales, developer Rockstar has turned the game into a revenue source, thanks to the GTA: online model, giving players the opportunity to use real-world cash for money in games.

Since the GTA V, Rockstar has not released a new game, and Zelnick pointed out that the game’s micro-trading this year’s sales increased over last year, which may be a major reason.

As for the rest of the year, Take-Two is updating the outlook for the 2017 fiscal year. In the third quarter, as of December 31, the company is expected to generate $ 475 million to $ 525 million in revenue, earnings per share of 30 cents to 40 cents. For the full year ended March 31, 2011, the company expects revenue of $ 1.75 billion to $ 1.85 billion and earnings per share of $ 2 to $ 2.25. As the NBA 2K17 was introduced (To View More About NBA 2K18 MT), some cheap NBA 2K17 MT PS4 began selling on the PS4 website.

The publisher has launched this goal, launched the Mafia III, which claims to be the fastest 2K game. But it also has a well-known civilized VI and WWE 2K annual admission. In addition, Take-Two or in the Nintendo Wii began in the carnival game series, into the VR.

Zelnick said: “Our holiday season is a good start, including the Mafia III, WWE 2K17 and Sid Meier’s Civilization VI and our first virtual reality – Carnival Game VR.” We intend to support our products through innovative products Products designed to promote continuous participation and promote regular consumer spending, including additional content free of charge for Grand Theft Auto.

Looking ahead next year, Take-Two will launch Red Redemption Redemption 2, which is one of the most popular versions of the previous generation of the game. Fans have long been asking for this, and Rockstar finally plans to provide.

According to Zelnick, no doubt, the fiscal year of 2018 will be another strong year for our company. Due to Roster Games’s highly anticipated “Red Dead Redemption” launch by our strategy-driven business activities to provide reservations and net cash, we all believe that in 2018 we may see Take-Two gets more cash from GTA, Online and NBA 2K. You should buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT no doubt.

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The Caribbean Football Federation President Weber

FIFA Ethics investigators have said FIFA or the former FIFA vice president of the former FIFA, North America and the Caribbean Football Federation President Weber was sentenced to life-long penalty.

A statement from FIFA said FIFA investigators had completed a survey of Weber crimes last month and had submitted their findings to judges of the FIFA Ethics Committee.

The statement said the Ethics Committee recommended “life forbidden to participate in any football-related activities.”

As former vice president of FIFA, North America, the United States and the Caribbean Football Federation chairman, Weber and deep corruption case of the former chairman of the Blatter exchanges very much. Weber on May 27, 2015 the Swiss police should be requested by the United States in Zurich “raid” arrested seven senior FIFA list. The United States Department (more fifa news at of Justice and the United States court on suspicion of extortion, bribery and other charges allegations of nine FIFA officials and five related sports marketing executives. July 15 that year, Weber was extradited to New York, became the first 14 accused of being extradited to the United States FIFA officials.

In November last year, Weber admitted to the New York court that it had committed crimes such as blackmail, fraud, money laundering and so on, and promised to pay the wrongdoing. In June this year, the court will be formally sentenced.

Chelsea’s main stadium

Stamford Bridge Stadium for the Premiership team Chelsea home, it was built in 1877, and Chelsea club in 1905 began to use the stadium, dating back more than a hundred years of history.

Chelsea’s main stadium is called Stamford Bridge Stadium, Stamford Bridge Stadium and Chelsea team, has a unique and colorful history.

Stamford Bridge Stadium was officially opened on April 28, 1877. In the first 28 years, it was almost exclusively used by the London Sports Club, as a venue for the Games rather than as a football field.

In 1904 the playground was easy, HA Mills and his brother JT Mills got the ownership, and they also got a big market near the stadium, planning to build a soccer team on this 12.5-acre land. The stadium is intended for use by Fulham football clubs, but they have rejected this opportunity. So in 1905 the birth of a new football club Chelsea Football Club became the owner of Stamford Bridge Stadium.

The Stamford Bridge is designed by Archie Barrard-Leith. At the beginning of the course there was a 120-yard grandstand on the east side of the course that could accommodate 5,000 spectators. Archie Bale – Leith designed the stadium capacity of 10,000 people, was Britain’s second largest stadium, second only to the then held the FA Cup final Crystal Palace Stadium.

Stamford Bridge Stadium (Click LOLGA to view more information about this) capacity is 42522 people, the area of the stadium from the original large oval into today’s very close to the turf of the quadrilateral. The course of the past 10 years, basically no major changes, including only the “old roof wall” or the original stadium left behind. On the 12.5-acre ground occupied by the stadium, two four-star hotels, five restaurants, conference facilities, nightclubs, underground parking, a wellness center and a business center are also built. Now the Stamford Bridge Stadium has been and 1876 the earliest Stamford Bridge stadium is very different.